The City of Tampa has utilized its Brownfields Program over the years to address environmental concerns which affect the economic and physical health of the Tampa Brownfields Targeted Area community. The City was awarded a US EPA Brownfields Multi-Purpose Pilot Grant to assist in the funding of the assessment and cleanup of the Targeted Brownfields Assessment and Remediation Project.  The site located at 1103 N. Nebraska Avenue, Tampa under the Cooperative Agreement No. BF-95499012.

The City of Tampa is conducting a “Community Highest and Best Use Study”  for the potential reuse of the project site with the intent of receiving extensive community input for the goods and services that are needed in the area.  The information will be gathered via a neighborhood survey.  Citizens within the 1103 Nebraska Avenue area are strongly encouraged to participate by completing the survey.  Survey results will be shared with community residents for feedback and input on site development and future planning.

Join the planning stages of the redevelopment of 1103 N. Nebraska Ave, Tampa by participating in our Community Highest and Best Use Study Survey!